Proactive wellbeing for your workforce

We discreetly and accurately identify wellness related conditions in the workplace, offering clear guidance towards early interventions.
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"What gets measured, gets managed "

(Peter Drucker)

1. Detect

Detect wellbeing issues as they happen, in real time.

2. Respond

Help employees become aware of issues, and how they should respond.

3. Analyse

Go one step further, use data to understand hot spots and perform root cause analysis.

Early detection of mental wellbeing concerns

Harnessing our cutting-edge AI algorithm, we proactively identify signs of diminished mental wellbeing at an early stage.

Intelligent Guidance

Our system directs employees to the precise support they need, precisely when they need it.

Unlocking data

Our data platform empowers managers to uncover trends, pinpoint hotspots, and tailor custom support for employees at higher risk

Proactive wellbeing is the future of care



Return on investment for a proactive wellbeing solution in the workpace1.


Average engagement with an alert from Lua Health2.
Average NPS score from employees who use Lua Health2.


Return on investment for screening for poor wellbeing in the workplace1.
1 Mental health and employers. The case for investment Deloitte (2022)
2 Vinson, D. W., Arcan, M., Niland, D. P., & Delahunty, F. "Towards Sustainable Workplace Mental Health: A Novel Approach to Early Intervention and Support." Second International Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference (2024).

Evidence based

Our effectiveness has been rigorously validated through peer-reviewed studies in top-tier academic journals.

Privacy-first design

We meet GDPR standards for data protection and our software is designed with privacy-by-design principles.

Seamless Integration

Our platform seamlessly integrates with industry-leading corporate communication platforms, including Microsoft Teams and Slack.

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