Proactive well-being for your workforce

We discreetly and accurately identify wellness related conditions in the workplace, offering clear guidance towards early interventions.
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"What gets measured, gets managed "
(Peter Drucker)

1. Detect

Detect well-being issues in real-time, enabling prompt intervention.

2. Respond

Help employees become aware of issues, and how they should respond.

3. Analyse

Go one step further, use data to understand hot spots and perform root cause analysis.

Early detection of mental well-being concerns

Harnessing our cutting-edge AI algorithm, we proactively identify signs of diminished mental well-being at an early stage.

Intelligent Guidance

Our system directs employees to the precise support they need, precisely when they need it, ensuring timely interventions that can make a significant difference in their well-being.

Unlocking data

Our data platform enables managers to identify emerging health trends and monitor changes in employee well-being over time. By pinpointing specific areas of concern, we empower managers to implement personalized support for employees at higher risk, ultimately fostering a healthier and more supportive workforce culture.

Data & Privacy Protection

We meticulously redact Personal Identifiable Information (PII) to protect employee privacy while delivering valuable insights.

Ensuring Confidentiality

We ensure strict confidentiality by not disclosing any information to your employer, safeguarding your privacy.

Flexible Opt-In & Opt-Out Options

Our platform offers flexible opt-in or opt-out options, allowing users to choose participation based on their preferences and needs.

Proactive well-being is the future of care



Return on investment for a proactive well-being solution in the workpace.1


Average engagement with an alert from Lua Health.2
Average NPS score from employees who use Lua Health.2


Return on investment for screening for poor well-being in the workplace.1
1 Mental health and employers. The case for investment Deloitte (2022)
2 Vinson, D. W., Arcan, M., Niland, D. P., & Delahunty, F. "Towards Sustainable Workplace Mental Health: A Novel Approach to Early Intervention and Support." Second International Digital Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference (2024).

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